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Candidate Assessment Process

SRA’s detailed executive search and candidate assessment process is designed to ensure that we provide exceptional services to our client base.

Understanding Client Needs - This is the most essential phase of the search engagement, and we find that this is the root cause of most failed searches. Although needs and requirements may change during the course of a search engagement, unless there is a clear understanding or anchor point established up front, the search process and results may be compromised. It is critical that we understand your company's culture so we ensure that our candidates represent the right "cultural fit." We want to establish a comprehensive understanding so the search is conducted efficiently and effectively. We believe that a well-informed and professional search firm reflects well on the company.

Position Profile - Based on Client needs and requirements, a comprehensive Position Profile is created so we accurately reflect our client’s requirements, ensure that the candidate compares his/her background and experience to the responsibilities and requirements described by the client, and provide compelling information to candidates regarding the uniqueness of the position as well as the company’s “sizzle”.

Candidate Identification - The search team plans its approach based on your specific search. The mechanics for identifying candidates, as well as databases or information sources to be utilized are critical elements of this plan.

Interview Process and Debriefing - Prior to presenting candidates, our search consultants perform a detailed candidate assessment to determine if the candidate is a good match for the opportunity as well as the candidate’s motivation for making a change. After we present the candidate for consideration, we "sweat the details" with regard to the interview process, logistics and other related details. We watch out for “red flags” during the process and work with our clients and candidates to resolve them expeditiously.

Candidate Assessment. Role-Based Assessment - is an assessment profile that outlines a candidate's 'teaming characteristics.' Instead of individual characteristics, Role-Based Assessment offers 'a new way to know' whether a prospective employee (or a potential successor) will be a productive contributor or a roadblock to success.

Reference and Background Checks - We establish a process with respect to the details and timing for reference and background checks.

Test and Present Offer - After weeks of hard work, we work with our Clients to ensure the offer is presented effectively; we also develop contingency plans and define next steps during the offer phase.

Resignation Consultation - We work as an “executive coach” with the candidate during this delicate period, especially since counter-offers are likely to be made for top candidates.

Post-Placement Follow Up - Prior to the candidate’s start date and during the early phase of employment, we check in with our Clients and the placed candidates to ensure that things are progressing satisfactorily. We do what we can to support effective on-boarding activities to swiftly deal with any “issues” that may surface.

Candidate Assessment

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